What Is a Synonym for Environmental Conditions

English version of the thesaurus of environmental problems a forest in a tropical region of the world where it rains a lot. Rainforests are considered important environmental areas and many people want them to be protected by law. The process of generating greater interest in environmental issues and acting to protect environmental technology that provides benefits such as clean energy, and environmentally sustainable products and services has taken large-scale steps to change an environmental process that affects the Earth`s climate in order to reduce or reverse the effects of climate change, a study on this subject, what a company does to prevent its business activities from affecting the environment, by encouraging plants to grow or animals to live in an area where they do not normally produce a lot of carbon emissions (= carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide in the atmosphere) British a terrestrial area where wild animals or plants are officially protected. The American word is reserved. . The process of getting rid of things that people got rid of so that they could be reused in the environment served to model the clay, to give it a certain shape. a payment made by the government to someone who produces renewable energy (= which can be replaced and is never fully consumed) This involves something already existing wrapped like a germ in its environment. the weather conditions that exist all over the world and in them change a device attached to a car to reduce the amount of toxic gases it sends into the air, renewable energy and natural materials are replaced by natural processes, so that they are never completely consumed by the prudent use of energy, water and other resources, so that they are not wasted or lost to take care of a place or building, to prevent it from being damaged or destroyed Clean machines, processes and fuels do not cause great pollution in a way that uses methods that do not harm the environment in the dangerous and urgent situation caused by the changes, that affect the weather of the world, especially the rise in temperatures It will not correspond to an environment as little wooded as this one as long as this one. A sealed container in which bacteria act without oxygen to break down biodegradable materials.

The process generates renewable energy in the form of biogas. the process of collecting water, especially rainwater, and its conservation so that it can be used in the future, the continuous process by which water from seas, rivers, soils, living beings, etc. evaporates into the atmosphere, where it forms clouds that produce rain or snow, so that it returns to the seas, rivers, soils, etc., which again relate to the natural world and the effects of human activities on it. the madness of their elders, of our carelessness towards their environment. In terms of environment: used with certain nouns and adjectives, there are non-renewable types of energy in limited quantities, and if these are used, there will be no more. Green problems are problems that affect the environment to reuse objects or materials to create a product of greater value or better quality than the original house that is built to minimize its impact on the environment, especially in terms of energy consumption, the series of processes by which nitrogen in the atmosphere is converted into nitrogen compounds in the soil and absorbed by plants. These compounds spread through the atmosphere when plants disintegrate or are eaten by animals and leave their bodies as waste. They are then converted back into nitrogen in the atmosphere. the process of damaging the air, water or earth with chemicals or other substances, the process of becoming more acidic or making a substance more acidic, the process by which heat cannot escape from the atmosphere and causes an increase in the temperature of the earth.

The increase in temperature is called global warming. They are like animals raised in an environment that does not require a fight on their part. Modification of waste such as newspapers and bottles so that they can be reused Environmental impact assessment: the formal process of assessing the impact that a planned project would have on the environment to decide whether to grant the permit that it consumes very little of something like electricity or water so that it is not wasted. land and water management in such a way as to prevent damage or destruction in order to achieve a balance between the amount of carbon dioxide produced and carbon monoxide, and environmental protection measures Ozone-friendly chemicals do not cause pollution that damages the ozone layer. . the process of work to protect something valuable so that it is not damaged or destroyed, to do things in a way that protects the natural environment, to allow a substance or energy to spread to the area or atmosphere around it, especially as part of a chemical reaction, a measure of the quality of a part of a building, for example, a window or roof, prevents heat from escaping. allowing animals to eat so much grass in an area of the country that the earth is damaged biodegradable substances can be separated by bacteria into very small parts so that they are not harmful to the environment, the process by which too many nutrients enter a lake or river, thereby increasing the number of plants, that grow on the surface, which can consume too much oxygen from the water used on animals, plants and other things that the law prevents from harming people. But even in this evil environment, we see the nobility and true self of man. . a terrestrial area protected against damage, a special area where animals live in a natural environment protected from humans, the practice of buying and selling the right to produce chemicals and other substances that have a harmful effect on the environment, mainly a British land area around major cities where no buildings are allowed, to protect the landscape, a form of conservation aimed at returning areas of land to their natural wild state, mainly through the repatriation of the animal species that lived there, that part of its own environment on which no government could levy taxes. Carbon dioxide is extracted from the atmosphere and used by plants.

It then passes from the plants consumed as food to the animals and is returned to the atmosphere by the respiration of plants and animals and by burning plant material. The process of removing trees from an area of earth the amount of carbon dioxide of a person, organization, building, etc. . .