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If you like to build things, a detached garage is a great place to create a workshop. You can install shelves, storage cabinets and pen board walls with hooks for all your tools and equipment. Add tables, workbenches, saw horses and your favorite power tools for your DIY projects. If you are working with paints and stains, be sure to properly ventilate the fumes. The best cooling options for a freestanding garage are window units and commercial air conditioning floor units designed for warehouses and factories. Window units will be cheaper, but they must be properly ventilated. If you do not have a window in the garage, you will need to evacuate your device through an exterior wall or the garage door. Turn your detached garage into an ideal garden center where you can organize gardening tools and supplies, create a greenhouse environment, or divide the space so there`s room for both. Install sturdy wall hooks to hang shovels, rakes, mowers, and other tools. Place a table in the corner for florists and shelves along the walls to start sowing. You can install grow lights and heat lamps for a complete greenhouse environment.

If these guys had built a store, done it in less than 30 days, and loved the finish and attention to detail, RBC built a large covered deck for us and did a fantastic job. We practically live there. It`s beautiful and well built. I highly recommend them. Nick, Preston and the team were wonderful to work with and very honest. Turning your detached garage into a man`s lair will give you a private space for the man of the house. It`s a great way to entertain friends and watch all those noisy sports shows without disturbing the rest of the family. A comfortable sofa, chairs and a large screen TV provide the perfect setting for afternoon ball games and outdoor cooking. So that we can evaluate any combination of construction services at the same time as your building, simply tell your representative what services you need, or you can let us know by selecting the appropriate fields in our online contact forms. Detached garage – A detached garage is equivalent to building a small house.

This includes digging and pouring a foundation and then building your new garage from scratch. This is a slightly larger project, so you can incur more costs, but you have more design options for different applications. If you`re looking for a builder or general contractor in Nampa, ID, look no further than RBC. We`ve helped countless clients get homes they really love. Our team is made up of qualified people with training in design and construction. Here are a few other reasons why you should hire us: Instead of spending money at the gym, why not turn your freestanding garage into a large gym? They can include various exercise equipment, as well as yoga mats, dance bars, wall mirrors, and storage cabinets for exercise. For the ultimate workout routine, provide a music system and a big screen TV for your favorite dance music and workout videos. Before making a major structural change to your property, it`s important to consider the impact on the visual appeal and resale value of your home. Talk to a design and construction company about the pros and cons, construction costs, and design options that will improve your home and lifestyle. Our network of contractors is able to provide turnkey services if you are building a metal house, barn, church or other building that requires larger interiors. Turnkey prices are more difficult to deliver because the assortment depends heavily on the interiors you choose. For example, a stable with a tongue and groove ceiling area will incur much higher costs than an office building with drywall or a drop ceiling surface.

Our team builds beautiful terrace awnings for the owners. There are three good heating options for a detached garage – forced-air garage heaters, infrared garage heaters, and electric garage heaters. Portable electric heaters require very little maintenance and do not burn fuel, so they provide safe heating without the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning. RBC did a great job with our patio cover. We are very happy that the final product seems to have been built with the house, not just an add-on. All this at a price very similar to this aluminum thing. An independent garage offers ample space for a home office. Although it is close to home for convenience, it offers privacy and a quiet environment to reduce distractions in the house and increase efficiency and productivity. If you regularly work from home, a detached garage is a great way to reduce the extra cost of renting office space. Tired of blinking in the sunlight every time you try to relax outside? If you`ve installed RBC patio covers, you don`t have to worry. We can place custom patio covers in your Meridian & Nampa backyard, ID to give you the shade you need.

You will be able to avoid sunburn and make your patio a more welcoming and comfortable space. The wooden deck awnings we install can be lean, normal gable or winged gable. Call now to learn more about our patio awnings. Hiring a contractor is a serious decision and you should only trust a company with a proven track record. When you choose to work with General Steel, you can rely on our company`s track record and be assured that the contractor we refer to you has been thoroughly assessed. So happy with rbc`s work, Jay was on our highly organized and professional supplement All metal construction projects need to budget for concrete pillars or slab and assembly costs. Depending on where in the country you want to build and the size of the building, these project costs can be at the bottom or the top of the range. Larger buildings, typically over 5,000 square feet, tend to be at the lower end of the spectrum and, as noted below, concrete and construction cost more in some parts of the country, regardless of their size. Working with RBC Construction has been great. It was great to work with Preston and understand the process from start to finish.

Approval has been simplified and simple. We built a 24×30 with reinforced concrete for an elevator. We added fully electric, insulated, rocked, glued, textured and painted 220 inside and out. An all-concrete driveway, a 15×30 RV skate at the back and a 12×32 patio at the back of the house completed the project! I have recommended RBC to several other clients who are also building stores with Preston! To turn your garage into a comfortable space, you need proper insulation for the ceiling, walls and garage door. Fiberglass slat provides good insulation for the ceiling and walls. It is easy to customize and install. Garage doors require fiberglass impact or foam panels, as well as weather protection around the openings. From conception to realization, Preston was a true professional to work with. I would definitely use RBC again.

Whether you need the help of a contractor for an upcoming steel construction project or a need for assistance with an existing General Steel building, our network of contractors is available to all General Steel customers now or in the future at any time. Learn more about our services in the areas of concrete, home extension and conversion. If you like to draw or paint, a detached garage offers a private space with plenty of space to store canvases, paintings and easels. You can line the walls with your favorite drawings and paintings and keep shelves to hold all your supplies. With concrete floors and handy rags, you can paint to your liking without having to worry about clutter. Just as the price of your steel construction system depends on the current price of steel, the intended use, and your location for engineering, the cost of building your building also depends heavily on a few factors. We`ve already explained how the size of your building leads to an increase or decrease in the price at the foot of construction services, but where you want to build is just as important. As you can see in the infographic, the cost of building your building increases regardless of its size if you live in an area like the Northeast, where union work is widespread. No matter how you plan to use your detached garage, it`s important to provide adequate heating, cooling, and insulation for year-round comfort. Without them, you will not enjoy spending time in the room.

When heating, cooling, and insulating your garage, you need to consider the size of your garage, your intended use, and your budget. Here are some important tips: A detached garage is a great place to sleep for overnight guests. By adding comfortable furniture and accessories, you can create a private retreat with convenient access to the home, pool and spa, or other outdoor amenities. If your garage is large enough, you should add a small bathroom that offers complete privacy and comfort. Many of our customers will only pour pillars and later add a complete concrete slab. If you opt only for pillars, you can lay a gravel floor to create a reliable surface until you pour the plate. Turning your independent garage into a children`s playroom is a great idea. .